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Got Restrictions?

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What Exactly is a Fascial Restriction? 


In the normal healthy state, fascia is relaxed and wavy.  It has the ability to stretch and move without restriction.  But, when your body experiences a trauma, such as a fall, significant injury, surgery, repetitive motion, habitual poor posture, or an inflammatory process, over time, your fascia will thicken, become solidified and shortened in response to the trauma.  When this happens a restriction is formed.  Fascial restrictions have the ability to place up to 2,000 lbs of pressure per square inch in restricted areas.  This enormous pressure on pain sensitive structures is what can compromise any system in your body causing pain, limited motion and/or dysfunction.


Any system?  Yes, because fascia runs throughout your entire body, restrictions can cause pain and/or dysfunction in any system: muscular, circulatory, digestive, neurological, vascular etc.  You now can see that issues you may be experiencing with fertility, migraines, digestion and elimination, TMJ, neck and back pain, as well as so many more, may in fact be undiagnosed myofascial restrictions.  Over time, these restrictions will become tighter and tighter, making you feel as if you were wearing a straight jacket, creating a 'fascial drag' and sending symptoms into seemingly unrelated areas of your body.



Do I Have Restrictions?


Until recently, fascial restrictions could not be detected with any standard tests such as X-rays or MRI's.  As technology continues to evolve, we are starting to see a limited amount of very hi-tech imaging machines that are starting to show fascial restrictions.  It is important to note that these machines are just starting to be used. 


How exciting will it be when technology catches up to what John F. Barnes has been teaching for over 40 years and skilled therapists feel and see everyday?  Reality is that everyone has restrictions and eventually you will feel the cumulative affect of life by experiencing some level of pain or dysfunction.  Receiving treatment and learning how to self-treat will help release those restrictions.  The results of creating a balanced body is the reduction or elimination of pain, increased flexibility, and renewed energy!