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Scott - Professional Mentor

"Wendy has become an incredible Myofascial Release therapist. I have been involved in her training in the John F. Barnes approach to MFR, and would not hesitate to refer someone to her, with confidence that they will receive the care which I would want for my own family member. She is detailed orientated, meticulous and thorough in all that she does. She exudes true compassion and a genuine personality. She is a pleasure to be around. Email me with any further questions by visiting my website www.WholisticPhysicalTherapy.com."

Della - Chronic Pain

"When I came to see Wendy I was trapped, trapped in a physical body of constant pain with no way to let go. The pain seemed to be connected to my past traumas, physical and mental. My body felt disconnected from my head with constant head pain that I did not understand. Now, with the help of Wendy, her gentle approach and knowledge of MFR, I am free again to be me. I'm free of the pain that was crushing and controlling me more and more each day. Today, I am smiling and that is so wonderful!"

Jessica - Traumatic, Life-Altering Accident

"I've known Wendy for 5 years. My MFR therapy was recommended to me by my nurse case manager to relieve pain I was in due to a traumatic and life-altering accident. I had never even heard of MFR, in fact I didn't hold much belief that this would help me, but I was willing to give it a shot. I went in with an open mind and was introduced to Wendy. Immediately, she put me at ease. It's easy when you're hurting and injured to put up walls to keep others at a distance. Wendy broke through my walls with her kindness, concern and overall attitude. You can't help but feel welcome and comfortable in her treatment room. With regular sessions, I have experienced less pain. I have come to know my own body in a way that I had never before. With Wendy's help, I have learned to listen and feel into my body. Wendy has taught me what I can do to alleviate my pain. I can without a doubt recommend Wendy to anyone who is in pain, minor or traumatic. I couldn't ask for a better therapist."

Barbara - Fibromyalgia, Arthritis

"My first experience with Myofascial Release therapy was in March 2003 when I participated in a two-week intensive program at John F. Barnes' clinic, Therapy on the Rocks in Sedona, AZ. Wendy Isom was trained by John Barnes and I find that she has the same high caliber or knowledge and expertise as the therapists who are employed by Mr. Barnes in Sedona. Wendy has been my MFR therapist since July 2006, treating me for chronic pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis. When I first began treatment with her, I was on numerous medications which I no longer need. I believe much of my pain was due to my internalizing stress, anger, fear and guilt. I held onto those emotions in my muscles because I did not know how to discharge them in a healthy manner. With Wendy's help, layers of tension and 'frozen' muscles have been dealt with leaving me a much more relaxed and grounded person. I continue to receive treatment from Wendy which helps me maintain a relatively pain-free lifestyle. When I have an acute flare-up, she is always able to help me through the pain. I consent to the use of this information so that others can understand how they too might benefit from MFR."

Darcy - PTSD

"Having felt that I was a prisoner of my pain and a slave to my medication, I had lost my true identity. Once I started receiving regular MFR treatments with Wendy, I was able to significantly reduce my pain and decrease and/or stop several of my medications. Wendy shared numerous self-treatment techniques with me and by following the MFR principles she shared, I was able to further my progress between sessions. As we worked together, I was able to explore my anger due to my pain. I was beyond annoyed that there never seemed to be a level of medication that would touch my pain and decrease it to a tolerable level. MFR allowed me to acknowledge, feel and release those emotions that even psychotherapy could not touch. MFR therapy is a 'wholistic' approach and allows for a union of mind, body and spirit...all things that I thought I had lost control over. Understanding and incorporating MFR principles, into other areas of my life has helped me understand that true, authentic healing is a journey. Wendy, I thank you for being my mentor and MFR therapist. I am glad that you are in my corner supporting me as I continue to rediscover the parts of me that I had thought were forever lost."

Lori - Plantar Fasciitis

“When I first came to see Wendy, I was desperate. I have been suffering with chronic plantar fasciitis for over four years now. I have spent thousands of dollars, followed every bit of medical advice from my doctor and every one I could find published. I tried every procedure short of surgery and still no relief. Every step was painful and sometimes my feet ached even when I wasn’t on them. After the first MFR session with Wendy I could tell a difference. After a few more sessions I was actually feeling relief for the first time in four years. Wendy has also taught me stretches to help manage my pain and progress my treatment. I plan to continue my treatment and regain my quality of life and mobility without constant pain. It may not happen overnight but with Wendy’s knowledge and expertise in MFR and her healing touch I finally have hope. I recommend this therapy to anyone suffering from chronic pain and Wendy is just the best!”